World Class Training

Whether you are a new entrant to the industry, or a veteran seeking to rejuvenate your stagnant career, or a successful consultant seeking a breakthrough that never seemed to come, we are the appropriate fit for you. On your part, we need openness, humility and hunger for success. Trust us; we are the best in the business of bringing the best out of you – if you are willing that is.


Foundation Training Program FTP™ (for new consultants)

We understand the mindset of a new consultant. Excited about starting the career, yet at the same time uncertain about what they should do, the FTP™ equips new consultants with sufficient skills and knowledge to put their first step forward into financial advisory. In finexis, we take your future seriously. Within a week of intensive training, consultants will be trained on the wide spectrum of services that finexis provides. They are also given assignments to help prepare them for their journey ahead.

Breakfast Club - BFC™

BFC is finexis’ trademark induction system that continues to produce many outstanding achievers, whose results are well above the industry’s benchmark for new consultants.

In BFC™, new consultants in the first 6 months of their career are team-coached 3 times a week. The BFC™ trainers adopt case discussions and activities to ensure the creation of the right sales practice. The commitment is to stabilize and subsequently build the groundwork for new consultants to earn double their peers’ salary within the first year of their career.

Monthly Company Training MCT™

On a monthly basis, we bring to you the best of methodologies from our internal R&D team, as well as selecting the best training from key partners of the industry. Yes, we pre-select training modules so that you spend the least time to maximize your knowledge. Every year, you spend close to 50 hours with us to upgrade yourself. That alone is almost double the amount of training hours of the industry’s standard.

Quarterly (Optional) Trainings

On a quarterly basis, we bring to consultants highly sought-after local and regional speakers to provide you with a different perspective of looking at our business. Every quarter, our consultants are given the choice to attend up to 10 hours of training. New ideas shared in these trainings inject ‘creativity, innovation and change’ into our consultants’ business. This ensures that our consultants are able to build and expand their clienteles as they progress and grow with us.

finexis Investment Breakfast™ Talk

Every fortnight, our investment specialist team brings to you the latest updates in the volatile world of investments. The focus is not on what happened; rather it is to coach you on why it happened and what you can say to clients. Two words describe it – FOCUSED TRAINING.

Compliance Training

Every 6 months, we gather all consultants and managers to train them on compliance. At finexis, we focus on ensuring all consultants understand the concept of responsible selling and preventive compliance.

finexis Partners™

Imagine this: for the successful consultant, the reason for your past success is the same reason why you are not getting that breakthrough you have always aspired for. This is but one of the teachings we concentrate on: a continuous flow of new ideas, habits to change, are some of the focus of our training. finexis Partners™ members meet at least 40 hours a year, and it’s where you reflect, engage, and challenge your mindset to upgrade your practice.

finexis Pre-Management Orientation™ (FPMO™)

In FPMO™, we impart you the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to thrive as a new manager. Managing is a totally different “bag of challenges” from sales. Here, we get the best and most experienced and “war scarred” managers to share.

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